Welcome to your Business Funding Journey


1. IQ Credit Monitoring

Please click below to go to IdentityIQ and purchase this product: “Secure Max”

Take note of your Username and Password and come back to this page!

This step will allow you have a real view on your credit histroy and current situation. It will also allow us to have a clear picture of what’s possible for you and your business.

2. Fill Out Your Onboarding Form

For this step, you will need your personal information as well your current business information. If there’s a specific item that does not apply to you, simply write N/A in the filed or 0 if the field is numeric.


You will also need to upload:

– Front & Back of your Driver’s License

– A picture of your social security card

– A utility bill with the address that matches the one on your Driver’s License. You may also upload the first page of a bank statement showing your address.


Please make sure you have PDF, JPG/JPEG, or PNG  files.  Here’s a video that explains how to take JPG pictures with your iPhone.

3. Onboarding Call

Once you are complete filling out your form, you will have the option to book a call wiht us to finalize your onboarding process and start working on your funding strategies.

In this call we will also discuss with you, specific alloted time that you can be availble to verify information over the phone with banks and funding institutions.

Let’s get going!



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